About Us

Sanwa Advantage

Because we are a wholesaler and a market, we understand the challenges faced by our customers that are also in the wholesale and market business, so we can offer insights, advice, and opportunities that many of our competitors cannot.

We have a network of connections and relationships across the globe that allows us to purchase the exact product that our customers are looking for at a very competitive price. Our locations serve as distribution centers, so product comes in and goes out to the customer – making sure that it is as fresh as possible.

By incorporating a business model with a diverse range of customer types (wholesale, market, restaurant, retail), we are able to keep our margins low and rely on volume for financial sustainability. We focus on fresh products, which are more difficult to manage – but needed more frequently by the customer. We provide an extremely diverse ethnic product line that appeals to customers longing for product from their native countries.

Sanwa has greater connections with our customers because we see them several times per week. We build much of our success around our customer’s business, making us more invested in their well-being.