Quality Assurance

Our quality process involves full cooperation and close communication between our suppliers and our team. This guarantees that we are all working together to deliver our customers the best product with the reliability they have come to expect.
We constantly examine our own processes in stores, warehouses, and offices, looking to improve the way we do things. It is a long-standing, constant and evolving program consisting of stringent product standards and in-depth evaluation programs. This way we guarantee we have the best product possible to deliver to our customers.
We periodically conduct food safety and quality audits to ensure that we maintain our high standards.  Raw ingredients, plant-water quality, pest control and the cleanliness of equipment are just a few of the conditions we review with every inspection.
In an effort to keep compliant with all food safety regulations and guarantee our products to our customers, Sanwa has developed food safety requirements with the help of Azzule Systems.  These mandatory requirements extend to all fresh produce items regardless of brand or label. Food Safety professionals work in cooperation with our valued suppliers to design, develop and implement Food Safety and Quality Assurance Programs that ensure consistent product quality, compliance with applicable FDA and USDA regulations, and alignment with Sanwa’s product standards and specifications.
Sanwa expects all suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables to have GAP and GMP systems in place and be audited annually by an approved independent third party auditor and/or certification body with results above 90%. This includes every ranch, harvest crew, cooler, and packing house.